Seriously. Dad.

How did I not see it coming? This is Dad I’m talking about, the same guy who blasts a search light into the sky from our backyard every Saturday night to let me know curfew was up. Like I was Batman. It was his fault I had no friends. A boyfriend? Forget it. Being the daughter of a … More Seriously. Dad.

The Ticket

I have never done anything unpredictable. But that changed today when I woke up, packed a bag, went to the airport and randomly bought a ticket to Los Angeles. Gary thought it was perfectly predictable. He called it a textbook case of escapism. But that’s Gary for you, he predicted all my behavior patterns. Like … More The Ticket


*This is my 100th story posted here at LunchBreak Fiction!   I’m deep in the tunnels of Vita-Life when I hear the alarm. Another walk through, I’m supposing. What do I care? Just yesterday I walked out of the Aldridge Room with a fancy notebook explaining my severance package. Seems there’s no need for three … More Severance

Lady in Red

I’m stuck in this goofy time travel app I got through the IPhone B3. It must have a glitch or a virus or something because I selected the sixties. This is not the sixties. But I’m at my school, Wentworth High, and it’s dark out out. I’m roaming around a library full of worthless IBM computers with … More Lady in Red

Prime Time Dad

I grew up privileged. An only child in a fancy house with a view of the ocean. I roamed its halls, and imagined its many tidy rooms filled with brothers and sisters. Dot was always there, anticipating my needs. She always knew what I wanted to eat before my stomach grumbled. She tucked me in … More Prime Time Dad

Love and Propane

*A Continuation of Case Work, posted on 11/22/16…   “Right here, Barb. Pull in right here.” “Nolan, chill. Not my first rodeo, you know?” “See there, 1832 Writersblock Ave.” “I know where it is, Nolan.” “Mr. Reinbough’s lair.” “Lair…Really Nolan?” “What?” “Just the way you talk. It’s going to drive me to drink is all.” “Not that … More Love and Propane

Assisted Care Blues

Only two weeks of summer vacation sat between me and school when I breezed through the doors of the Autumn Springs Assisted Care Center. I found Miss Cheryl at the front desk, going on with another nurse about her daughter and the latest drama with her no good boyfriend. I smiled, pretending not to listen … More Assisted Care Blues