Evening Service

“Come on, Lia. This is crazy. Even for you.” She was six or seven steps up ahead when she spun around and tore into me with her harshest glare. I was certain she was crazy. Absolutely crazy. And yet, I couldn’t tell if the buzzing I heard was coming from the streetlight over our heads … More Evening Service

The Passenger

I manage to get a grasp on the door handle, timing my steps as I run along to keep pace with the car’s impatient crawl. I jerk the door open and toss my backpack to the floorboard. With a quick prayer, I leap into the front seat. “Go Robbie, go!” Anna cheers me on, slapping … More The Passenger

Ground Rules

Mom had been seeing Troy for a few weeks when he ruined a fine Saturday afternoon by lugging over all his stuff. He didn’t have much, but it took all his friends and most of the day to haul in his stereo, records, and several cans of beer. They also towed over that junk car … More Ground Rules


It was a little after eight when I got back to Madison Street. Aunt Glenda had a dinner plate looming in the fridge. Oh joy, tortellini, only with faux meat sauce that threatened to put my stomach through a cheese grater. I slid it into the trash and covered it with a paper towel, grabbed … More Frayed

Dinner With Harrison

Harrison Potter once told me that his parents had never read the books. He said you could tell them JK Rowling was top shelf cognac and they’d have no reason not to believe you. They’d only seen the movies, the posters, the trend. And they’d felt compelled, for reasons unknown, to name their son, Harry. … More Dinner With Harrison