Estate Sale

Every room was cleaned, tagged, and ready for tomorrow’s estate sale. Paul had taken off earlier to catch up with old friends. Now Sarah was sitting on the kitchen floor, tying shoes and gathering toys, readying the little ones for dinner at the restaurant. She was tugging on a sock when she looked up. “Are … More Estate Sale

Dog Park

Hagler had never needed much training. He was naturally smart yet low-key and without much inclination for chasing squirrels or capturing his own tail. A brisk, morning walk, maybe a few sniffs and scents before business, and Hagler was ready to curl up and nod off. Hagler loved nothing more than napping in the shafts … More Dog Park

One Last Breeze…

It was Sunday evening and the Coach’s Corner talk show was on in Dad’s truck. I was beat, my shirt soaked to my skin, streaked orange from digging all day in the red clay. I wasn’t sure I could take much more of Dad’s high school pep talk. I could only think about Lia. This … More One Last Breeze…

The Fisherman

I smacked the arm of the chair, watching a thick cloud of dust particles float into the sunlight. Jill glanced up from her place in the yard where she was sorting through Mom’s clothes. I wasn’t surprised that Mom had kept my father’s chair, but that it still held the scent of tobacco, metal, and … More The Fisherman

Evening Service

“Come on, Lia. This is crazy. Even for you.” She was six or seven steps up ahead when she spun around and tore into me with her harshest glare. I was certain she was crazy. Absolutely crazy. And yet, I couldn’t tell if the buzzing I heard was coming from the streetlight over our heads … More Evening Service

The Passenger

I manage to get a grasp on the door handle, timing my steps as I run along to keep pace with the car’s impatient crawl. I jerk the door open and toss my backpack to the floorboard. With a quick prayer, I leap into the front seat. “Go Robbie, go!” Anna cheers me on, slapping … More The Passenger