Burt finished up with the lot, sweeping it clear of trash and leaves, even hosing off the back where someone had spilled a milkshake. As always, he took pride in his job, and paid no mind to the pestering kids and their teasing. He kept his head down and swept, gratified by the clean curbs … More Burt

Bricktown Boys

Ron and I crossed Clay Street near the row of boarded up townhouses. We stayed on the sidewalk, keeping an eye out for busted bottles or glass as we approached the T-Market, bobbing along to the beat from Ron’s boom box. It must have weighed thirty pounds, that radio. Duel cassette and a five-band equalizer … More Bricktown Boys


Hello, welcome to Darkstar Limited. You must be Fluffy. At your service. Wow, I love these wing back chairs. Thanks. Have have a seat, Fluffy. Why thank you. Ooh, nice and soft on my tushy. Great. Did you have any trouble getting here? Well, funny story. I took a wrong turn and got all sorts of … More Fluff

Monster’s Day

We were on the side patio. The sun fighting with the passing clouds. I’d just set the burgers on the grill as Lani and Heather sat with the kids, in the thick of negotiations over the usage of the Radio Flyer. I kept glancing back, smiling, at Heather’s kids, with my kids. Still hard to … More Monster’s Day

Main Characters

I  thought it was a good novel. Even before that day. We were young, broke, and in love. Mel’s parents hated me. It was a struggle. Not quite a romance but then again not a thriller. But Mel’s wit and charm turned the pages and her beauty sealed the deal. But he was impatient. He wanted more. … More Main Characters