Beer Battered Santa

I was up late—Johnny Carson late. Mom and her new friends were in the kitchen, where they’d spent the evening making jolly, singing and laughing and carrying on well past dinner. Every once in a while she’d pop her head around the corner, the phone cord stretching as she reminded Angie and me that Santa … More Beer Battered Santa

Table for Two

Mesh wheeled the can out to the dumpster. He hoisted the bag of slop and slung it over into the dumpster. It landed with a thud and he started back inside. “Hey Mesh.” He looked up. “Oh, hey Brooke. Are you uh, okay?” She blew a cloud of smoke into the chilly night sky. “Yeah, … More Table for Two


Gary arrived two minutes early for his interview and took the only seat available in the stuffy warm lobby at Vita-Life Insurance. His nose twitched and his eyes watered. He only half turned to the lady seated next to him but it was enough. She was a cat lady. Gary could smell it on her … More HairBall


My sister thinks she’s a witch. She talks nonstop about curses and hexes. She casts spells then makes up excuses (the wind, the moon, daylight savings time) about why they never work. If that’s not bad enough, she’s got a black cat named Spook that hisses at anyone not named Molly. She asked for a … More Cursed

The Perfect Game

A bowling league. The way Carla saw it, getting ripped on Tuesday night in the guise of a “league” was just another way of calling her a fancy shade of stupid. And Carla wasn’t stupid. Carla was tired. For one, she worked all the damn time. And when she wasn’t working, she was cleaning up … More The Perfect Game