They were dancing when the winds picked up, carrying ash and char from the hills. The gusts sifted through their hair, fluttered their shirts, and knocked them back with a howl before chasing them into the house. They collapsed onto the sagging kitchen floor in a whirl of laughter. They caught their breaths as the … More Waltz

Long Ride Home

Just as soon as we got to Nannie’s I rushed into the kitchen and slung open the fridge. There I found a fresh pitcher of her sweet, cheek-sucking Kool-Aid. Nannie used enough sugar to prop a door open, at least a finger or two resting on the bottom, and so I grabbed the pitcher, the … More Long Ride Home

Borrowed Time

Alecia gripped my arm, just above the elbow, nails digging. I thought she was going to rip through my shirt. “Mom, Dad. This is Justin.” “Hi Justin.” Her father bolted across the room with a board meeting smile. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” Luckily, I’d been prepped for his vice-grip handshake. I braced myself, … More Borrowed Time