The Melvin Memoirs

  Nita Simmons sat in Mr. Abrams’ office, trying to sink low in a chair designed to prevent sinking. The morning sunlight taunted her from the window, flickering through the budding dogwoods behind her principal’s hunched shoulders as Nita’s favorite teacher, and editor of the school newspaper, defended her credibility. “As I’ve said, Nita’s story … More The Melvin Memoirs


When she spotted me, I looked  around like I had no idea how I’d gotten to the pond. Maybe Old Higgins felt the same way. He never budged, even as Lia came buzzing with energy, her bare feet slapping the planks of the dock as she came at me. “Preacher Higgins is going to baptize … More Lia


I wake up the same. On the same day as any other. Tired as I roll out of bed, my alarm taunting me from the corner. I envy the shadowy corners of dawn in my room, as I float into my clothes and through the house, slogging through my tasteless breakfast as Mom scrambles around … More Seen

Hairy Gary

Gary arrived at Vita-Life Insurance ten minutes early for his interview, taking the only seat available in the busy lobby. A bead of sweat broke across his forehead, as Gary’s nose twitched and his watery eyes burned to a sting. He only half turned to the lady next to him, but it was enough. She … More Hairy Gary


I awoke to a prick on my arm. The sun rays slicing through the blinds as I blinked into the new day. I heard his little footsteps before I caught the sheared hair of his head. “Teddy, is that you?” He rose with an early morning smile. It might’ve been sweet were it not for … More Teddy


I’m at my mailbox, tearing into a letter I’ve been expecting when I turn and find Molly Martinez standing in the road like she’d been expecting it too. It’s funny but not so funny. Because I kind of blame Molly for my predicament here. I mean, if I hadn’t walked into that lab that day…if … More Molly

Dad’s Song

Sometimes I can get Dad to talk about her. Usually, it’s when he’s drunk or well on the way—that rosy time of night when his cheeks flush and his tongue loosens. He’ll set his guitar on his knee, sit back, sweep his thick, curly hair to one side and his eyes will travel back with … More Dad’s Song